When people think of interior designers, they often do not realize the breadth of their knowledge base. Many people do not know all that interior design students must learn in order to be prepared to be truly great in their future profession. One of the more unexpected aspects of the interior design knowledge base is globalism and multiculturalism, both of which can have a huge impact on interior design.

Diversity is increasing and other countries and cultures are becoming easier to reach, making it even more important than ever before for interior designers to be knowledgeable about globalism and multiculturalism. Whether working with or designing for people of other cultures, designers must be able to understand the other cultures well enough to know what is and is not appropriate, and what will be expected of them.

Many ideas for interior design solutions can also be inspired by the design practices in other countries. Interior designers can work with each other and learn from each other about many things such as technology, sustainability, building practices, theories, design solutions, and so much more. If a designer can think outside of the box of his own culture, he will be able to create designs that are better all around.

Interior designers have the potential to have great impact through their work. This impact is even greater and more positive if they have a solid understanding of many different topics. Having a thorough understanding of globalism and multiculturalism is especially important to us as interior designers if we want to make an impact on those that we interact with.